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 about me 

Height: 5'5"   |   Athletic Build  |   Weight: 130 lbs

Actor, model and singer, Leah Haley, is an active, outgoing artist that thrives on challenging herself. Whether improvising on stage, preparing a monologue, or surfing in El Porto, she is always known to be dedicated. Directors from past projects have described her as, "impressive and professional" and "a tremendous asset to the production and a true pleasure to work with." Contact her today to discuss work and collaborations! 



Transfer  |   Dir. Andrew Bloomfield   |   Lead Actor

Orpheum   |   Dir. Dilshan Herath |   Lead Actor

The Prank   |   Dir. Cindy Osegueda  |   Lead Actor

Quite An Imagination   |   Dir. Edrei Hutson   |   Supporting Actor


Mute   |   Dir. Harry Owens   |   Supporting Actor


Did it Work?   |   Two Countries Production   |   Supporting Actor


The Balloon   |   Dir. Noor Al Yaseen   |   Supporting Actor      


Hanover Playhouse   |    Godspell    |  Leah

Hanover Playhouse   |   Sweeney Todd   |   Lucy

Brundage Park Playhouse   |   Great Expectations   |   Sarah Potter


Rua Salon   |   Print Hair Model   |   James O’Regan

Agmal Youm   |   Feautred Dancer   |   Nogoum Records

Sheet Mask Tutorial   |   Skin Care Model   |    Facetory, INC.

 Training & Workshops 

Improvolution   |   Improv  |   Rebecca Stuard 

Beverly Hills Playhouse   |   Scene Study   |   Michael Petted/ Art Cohen​

Singing Lessons LA   |   Mezzo Soprano   |   John Davies

 Special Skills 

Singing, Improv, Firearms, Horseback Riding, Athletics, Guitar,

Mechanics, Cooking, Off-Road Driving

Letters of recommendation 
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