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Height: 5'5"   |   Green Eyes  |   Weight: 130 lbs

Actor, model and singer, Leah Haley, is an active, outgoing artist that thrives on challenging herself. Whether improvising on stage, preparing a monologue, or surfing in El Porto, she is always known to be dedicated. Directors from past projects have described her as, "impressive and professional" and "a tremendous asset to the production and a true pleasure to work with." Contact her today to discuss work and collaborations! 



The Plot Against America                              Secretary                                  Minkie Spiro   

Masters of Doom                                            RedBull Girl                             Rhys Thomas Transfer                                                            Martha                                     Andrew Bloomfield Orpheum                                                         Annette                                   Dilshan Herath

The Prank                                                         Rosie                                       Cindy Osegueda

Quite An Imagination                                     Natasha                                  Edrei Hutson Mute                                                                 Chelsea                                   Harry Owens 

Did it Work?                                                     Bikini Girl                                Yisrael Dubov The Balloon                                                      Dream Girl                              Noor Al Yaseen



Web Series:


Trillo & Suede                                                Jessica Rabbi                            Jonathan Geffner       



Rua Salon                                                        Print Hair Model                       James O’Regan

Agmal Youm                                                   Featured Dancer                       Nogoum Records

Sheet Mask Tutorial                                       Skin Care Model                        Facetory, INC.



Improvolution                                                Improv                                       Rebecca Stuard 

Beverly Hills Playhouse                                 Scene Study                       Michael Petted/ Art Cohen



Special Skills:

Singing, Improv, Firearms, Horseback Riding, Athletics, Guitar, Piano, Mechanics, Cooking

*wide interests with the ability to learn very quickly*

Letters of recommendation 
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